We stock a range of exercise equipment for sale at our facility:

Foam Roller – R395

Often seen as a simultaneous friend and foe, the grid foam roller is soft enough for beginners, yet the ribbed shape allows more advanced rollers to get deeper. Primarily used for releasing the myo-fascia, the foam roller is often used for self-massage as well as rehabilitation exercises.

Foam Roller1 Foam Roller2


Mobility Ball – R120

Our nickname for this feisty little ball is “Fascia’s Friend” as it is the ideal self-massage tool. Its 6cm diameter means it’s the perfect tool to get into those hard to reach spots when targeting trigger points and thick areas of myo-fascia (connective tissue surrounding your muscles).

Lacrosse Ball2b Lacrosse Ball1


Stretching Strap – R120

Stretching is supposed to be a very calm and relaxing process, yet when we stretch we often end up straining (cue moaning and groaning while trying to touch your toes). This handy strap provides the leverage you need to allow you to relax into a position for a more effective stretch.

Stretching Strap1 Stretching Strap2


Mobility Package – R550

A combo package including Foam roller, Stretching Strap and Mobility Ball.



Exercise Balls – R250

A veteran of the exercise world, our exercise balls are burst proof (not indestructible…please refrain from driving tractors over them *winky face*) and hard wearing. Like a dining room couch, you only buy this once every decade and can get daily use out of it for the entire period
Sizes: 55cm, 65cm, 75cm

Exercise Ball2 Exercise Ball1


Resistance Bands – R65

Used for exercise based rehabilitation, these bands come in a number of resistances appropriate for your phase of rehabilitation and strength levels. Available as a 1.5m flat band, or a smaller loop band.

Resistance Band loop Resistance Band loop2Resistance Band loop2


Lumbar Support – R120

The perfect little car of office chair companion. This lumbar support provides your body with the perfect amount of lumbar support, while still having enough ‘give’ to allow for some degree of spinal mobility while sitting.

Lumbar Support2 Lumbar Support1

At present we only offer a collection option at our facility in Plumstead.

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