Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a treatment system that involves the manipulation of the body’s soft tissues (muscles, tendons, fascia, ligaments, etc.) in order to improve:

  1. Mobility,
  2. Flexibility,
  3. Muscle tension, as well as
  4. Simultaneously enhancing recovery and decreasing injury risk.


While predominantly used by athletes and active individuals, massage therapy can also be used to complement the rehabilitation process, pain management and stress relief in the general population. Massage Therapy can be used to treat all major areas of the body, including neck, back, shoulders, arms and legs.

Types of massages we offer:

Bio MechaniX offers the 2 main types of massage services, Sports Massage and Deep Tissue massage. Read on to find the most appropriate type for your needs. We also offer a mobile sports recovery service for events.

Sports Massage

A hands-on therapeutic technique aimed at improving circulation, relieving muscle tension and enhancing preparation for, or recovery from physical activity.
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Deep Tissue Massage

A more intense massage therapy aimed at breaking up tight and ‘sticky’ tissue in order to improve mobility and flexibility, as well as alleviating tension and stress.
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Mobile Recovery Experience

Our physical recovery service at a range of sporting events in the Western Cape, including the Outsurance KFM Gun Run. Our slick, professional setup adds value to any event and the feel-good factor that accompanies it is second to none! The Recovery Experience includes:

  • Pre-event Activation Massage
  • Recovery Sports Massage
  • Strapping & Kinesiotaping
  • Stretch Area

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The main difference between Sports and Deep tissue massages

Sports massage begins with a process called ‘flushing’ which improves the circulation through the muscle and in so doing improves recovery time after activity. It makes use of firmer techniques in order to break apart tight and sticky tissue, bringing the muscle back to its original state prior to, or following exercise. It is used by both active and inactive individuals to improve the physical state of the muscle.
Deep tissue massage is a more aggressive technique used to release deep muscular and myofascial adhesions often brought on by stress and poor movement patterns.
Not sure which massage is best for you? Contact us with your questions, and we will be happy to assist!


While massage therapy is often used in conjunction with various medical treatments, it is not appropriate for the treatment of medical pathologies. Should you be unsure about a certain injury/niggle, please contact a qualified medical professional (biokineticist, physiotherapist, general practitioner) before having a massage as the content on this website is purely informational. It is not a replacement for any diagnosis, treatment or advice from a qualified medical professional.

Conditions which Forbid Massage Therapy Treatment
If you currently suffer from any of the following symptoms then you should NOT be getting a massage:

  • Prone to blood clots (embolus/thrombus or DVT)
  • Recent surgery
  • Cancer or other systemic conditions
  • Acute infection (cold/flu)
  • Bruises, eczema, inflamed skin, rash, open wounds,
  • Pregnancy
  • Orthopaedic conditions e.g. arthritis, osteoporosis etc.