Sports Massage

Despite common misconceptions, sports massages are not only ideal for professional athletes and sportsman. If you are an active person who loves maintaining a healthy body, this type of massage is perfect for you.

Regular sports massages ensure that your muscles remain limber and also help your body to recover faster after taking a beating from an intensive training regime. While Sports Massages can often seem more ‘aggressive’ than the typical Swedish massage,we focus on FUNCTION rather than feel-good in order to maximise recovery.

What are the benefits of sports massage?

Sports Massage has been shown to improve both physical & physiological recovery following intense exercise, which reduces the risk of injury and increases performance levels.

By Including sports massage therapy in recovery regimes, athletes all over the world have extended their sporting careers, here’s why:

  1. Increases muscle flexibility and joint range of motion.
  2. Massage promotes healing and reduces recovery time between performances.
  3. Releases muscle tension and assists with injury prevention (for overused/exerted muscles)
  4. Promotes efficient replacement of oxygen and nutrients to the involved muscle and soft tissue (more effective recovery).
  5. Helps break down scar tissue.
  6. Improves muscle power production and overall performance.

Who can benefit from a sports massage?

Sports massage can benefit all types of people who lead an active and sporty lifestyle if your training is at one of these stages, then sports massage is definitely for you:

  • Pre-activity release and activation e.g. 0-5 days before a big running/cycling event.
  • Recovery after activity e.g. 0-7 days after a big race
  • Maintaining a healthy body during a regular training regime.

These apply to any level of athlete or non-athlete.

Sports Massage Treatments at Bio Mechanix

Conveniently based in Claremont, Cape Town, we offer a specialised experience in the comfort of our facility. Allow the experienced hands of our Sports Massage therapists to work out all the post-race/training tightness and soreness in your body and experience what true ‘recovery’ feels like.

Treatments include:

  • 30 min sports massage @ R290
  • 60 min sports massage @ R485
  • 90 min sports massage @ R645

When is the Best time to have a sports massage?

Sports massage has a 12-48 hour recovery period (depending on the intensity of the massage and how each individual’s body responds), so a pre-event massage is best done 2-5 days prior to an event, however, pre-event activations can be performed within 5min of starting an event.

Recovery sports massages can be done immediately after an activity has been completed, and will be as effective up to 7 days after the event to aid recovery.

These recommendations are applicable to the general public as well as elite athletes and form part of series of general guidelines for healthy activity. While most people benefit from one sports massage per month, elite athletes can often have as many as 3-4 massages per week.

If your muscles are in need of some relief, let us help you recover faster so your training does not have to take a step backwards!

Contact us with any questions or book your sports massage with Bio MechaniX today!

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