Whether it be for individuals or groups, our wellness officers are able to assist with behaviour modification techniques that lead to healthier lifestyles. With a special focus on Occupational Wellness, our services extend to both the Corporate as well as the Industrial sector.

Vitality Fitness Assesments

Vitality Fitness Assessments
A Vitality fitness assessment help’s you better understand your level of fitness. Our biokinetics partners are qualified healthcare practitioners and are officially listed on the Vitality Network. We offer the Discovery Vitality Fitness Assessment (VFA) to all members who are on the Vitality rewards program.

All VFA’s are performed by qualified Biokineticists at our facility conveniently located in Claremont and are submitted to Vitality on the day so you can earn those Vitality points immediately!

Complete your Vitality Fitness Assessment with Bio Mechanix and earn those extra points!

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Corporate Wellness

Service Offerings:

Having worked in corporate wellness for a number of years, Bio MechaniX has developed a turnkey corporate wellness solution in the form of a structured screening and educational program, The Healthy Lifestyle Program, as well as supporting services to accompany the program.

Fitness AssessmentsThese services include:

  • Sports Massage
  • Holistic Massage
  • Ergonomic Workstation Assessment and Setup
  • Ergonomic equipment sale
  • Vitality/Momentum Fitness Assessments

Vitality Wellness Days

Vitality Fitness Assessments

Bio MechaniX hosts Vitality Wellness Days at our premises for members of the Discovery Vitality rewards program through our Vitality accredited partners.

The key assessments that are required to unlock and benefit from the Vitality rewards program are the:

  • Vitality Fitness Assessment by a Biokineticist
  • Vitality Nutrition Consultation by a Dietician
  • Vitality Health Check +HIV test by a Nurse

The combination of these assessments in conjunction with the numerous online assessments are integral to maximising Vitality points and unlocking a number of benefits within the Vitality rewards program, however the logistics, time cost and inconvenience often limit one from partaking in these assessments.

We are offering the opportunity to perform all of these assessments in one venue with the convenience of completing everything on the same day.

The Benefits:

  • Earn up to 34 500 Vitality Points in one day
  • Fitness Assessment – up to 7 500 points
  • Nutrition Consultation – up to 10 000 points
  • Health Check – up to 12 000 points
  • HIV Test – 5000 points
  • Travel to one destination for all assessments.
  • Save time and petrol.
  • Reach higher Vitality Status.
  • Unlock additional Vitality Benefits: HealthyFood and HealthyGear.
  • Maximize Cash Back Rewards on benefits, up to 25%.

The Costs:

Payable to Healthcare Practitioner on the day, can be claimed back from Medical Savings Account:

  • Fitness Assessment – R250
  • Nutrition Consultation – R320
  • Client will only need to bring with them R570

No payment, our Vitality Partner claims directly:

  • Health Check
  • HIV Test

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We also Offer personal Vitality Fitness Assessments. To book a Vitality Fitness Assessment at any time, click here


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