Raven Klaasen (SA Tennis Player)

I’ve been working with Fayaadh Dhansay from Bio Mechanix for four years. The combination of tailor made workout routines and recovery massage has been great for keeping me healthy and improving my body to new levels of performance. Having had three knee operations means I need very specific training and Bio Mechanix has been crucial […]

Michael Gombart (International Multisport Athlete)

Fayaadh and Bio Mechanix truly are a saving grace, through their Sports Massages and conditioning I am always ready to give it my all be it in training or racing. Even when travelling abroad and racing, Fayaadh will go the extra mile to provide insight and advice so as to help me recover properly and […]

Katya Soggot (Elite Trail Runner)

What makes a good sports massage is to a degree a personal matter. For me, John Roberts ticks all the boxes and I reliably get great satisfaction and a buzz during every treatment from him. I much appreciate his confident and reassuring presence and approach, his serenity and composure, and undivided attention throughout the session. […]

Oscar Petersen (Actor, Comedian, Runner)

Bio MechaniX changed the way I view my body. They helped me understand the importance of good form through rehabilitation and activation. I’m a much better runner improving with every run and I’m confident that, with what I know now, I’ll remain injury free. Thanks for giving me my power back.