With a strong team of qualified Sports Scientists and Biokineticists. We offer specialised Strength and Conditioning training for general fitness as well as a range of sports, including:

Team Bio MechaniXWhile the human body is ‘born to run’ and is very capable of performing amazing physical feats in the form of many different sports, we are not designed to do so at a competitive level on a regular basis. Add to this a lifetime of being deskbound and immobile, and we have a recipe for disaster when it comes to movement biomechanics. This is why even novice athletes are exposed to a significant risk of injuries.

At Bio MechaniX we believe that any sporting program should include a firm foundation of conditioning to prepare the body for the ‘unnatural’ load that is competitive sport.


Our team members are avid runners and regularly participate in road and trail runs, all to the advantage of our clients who benefit from a depth of knowledge, insight and professional conditioning & rehabilitative techniques.

Having worked with every level of runner from novices to trail ultra-marathoners, we have a strong grasp of all things running. From shoe prescriptions to gait analysis, muscle imbalance, injury rehabilitation and performance conditioning.

A good place to start is to have a Running Assessment which will cover:

  • Gait & Posture Analysis
  • Alignment Testing
  • Functional Movement Screening (Injury Risk)
  • Shoe Assessment

Once you have completed your Running Assessment, we will guide and assist you towards the necessary interventions to make you a more efficient and effective injury free runner.

Nicholas Rupanga and Raydon Balie currently stand as Brand Ambassadors and are trained and rehabilitated by Bio MechaniX.

Cape-Town-running-hillsRaydon Balie
Wild Runner Event




Raven KlaasenUsing only the latest in scientific research and methodology, we have developed specialised strength and conditioning programmes for players of all ages and competition levels.

Our biggest success has come in the form of one of one of our players, Raven Klaasen, reaching the final of the Australian Open in 2014!

Our conditioning program structure includes group sessions as well as individual or semi-individual sessions. We have run the conditioning program at Sinnet International Tennis Academy since 2011 where we focus on strength, fitness, speed, agility, movement efficiency, injury prevention and rehabilitation and numerous other aspects, all in aid of developing the successful athletes.

Davis Cup TeamTeam leader Fayaadh Dhansay has also been appointed as team Biokineticist to the South African National Men’s Tennis team as they competed in the Davis Cup tournament in 2015, as well as Tournament Biokineticist of the Junior Nationals Tournament held in Free State annually.

Contact Us to discuss specialised individual or group Strength & Conditioning or Rehabilitation for Tennis.

Martial Arts

Francois-GroenewaldTeam Leader John Roberts has a keen insight into numerous martial arts, and the dynamic on human movement systems as applied to these arts. He currently trains and rehabilitates Francois ‘Franaconda’ Groenwald who also stands as Brand Ambassador to Bio MechaniX.

Contact Us to discuss specialised individual or group Strength & Conditioning or Rehabilitation for Martial Arts.

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